Eve very graciously picked me up from my Hotel at 5 35pm and we chatted away as she drove up and down many little roads to get to The Cozumel Power Yoga Studio, we entered thru very large wooden doors and thru another set of doors, up some stairs where the studio resides at the top. The room was very hot which is such a blessing for Astanga practice. Eve quickly opened up some more big doors in the studio to let some air in.

Students started arriving and the one lady suggested i rub a few drops of lavender oil that Tammy the owner suggests one rubs on for a good mozzie repelent. I feel so honoured that i was able to teach these lovely ladies from Cozumel it was a lovely group and thank you to Eve for inviting me and thank you to Tammy for allowing  me to teach in her space.

Proof that yoga is union and has a universal language…

Tomorrow i bid Cozumel fairwell and say Ola Playa del Carmen and hola to my dear friends Michael and Dalia….