My name is Jennifer Chapman, and I am the founder of The Astanga Studio, in Kloof.

Around the age of 12yrs old, I was encouraged, by my ballet teacher, to take yoga, and from
an early age my body innately connected to that feeling of clarity after practising. I also think
when we are so young, our minds aren’t as full of garbage, and our bodies surrender to pure
wisdom. I was drawn to that sense of bliss after practice, the yoga high, with a sense of, if
my heart is willing I can do anything, as long as it doesn’t harm myself, or others.
Dance is my heart song and yoga became intertwined in the dance of my heart, it brought
such peace to my soul. From a young age I began reading up on Eastern Philosophy on a
Guru’s way of life, eating etc. I was already a vegetarian. It was my dream to travel to India
one day and meet a Guru and I did just that.

We have perhaps all suffered trauma in our lives somewhere along the way, due to trauma I became attracted to martial arts as well, and have practiced a variety of forms from karate, kick boxing, kung fu, krav maga and budokon.  In my exploration of these various martial arts, we offer a mobility class, also incorporating self defence, based on krav maga principles.

I also offer massage therapy, for me this goes hand in hand for physical and mental well being.


2002-2004, 6 levels of Ka Huna Transformational Bodywork, Durban, S.A.

2004, La Stone Holistic Bodywork Certification, Cape Town, S.A.

2005, 200hr Astanga Yoga Teacher Training, Mellissa Wasserfall, Durban, S.A.

2005, 100hr NIA Dance Teacher Certification, Cape Town, S.A.

2005, Mysore, India, Ashtanga Yoga, trained under Guru, Sri.K.Pattabhi Jois, Sharat and Saraswathi.

2009, Children’s Yoga Teacher Training, Coco Van Oppens, S.A.

2014, 200RYT Astanga Yoga GAVVY Teacher Training, Michael Gannon, Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

2016, 100hr AcroVinyasa Yoga Teacher Certification, Yoga & Beyond, Padangbai, Bali.

2017, 50hr Budokon, Yoga and Martial Arts Movement, Cameron Shayne, of Miami.


Yoga, has brought a great healing to my being.

Dance, and acro freedom to my soul.

Massage Therapy, has allowed me to keep riding the big wave.

Martial arts, the strength to know that I am and I can.

I want to share these crafts with others and let, them experience the path to finding their bliss, their joy and their strength. If your heart is willing to learn any, or all of the classes on the schedule, then The Astanga Studio is the right fit for you.