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Please note prices increase in January each year.

Our Classes

Non Astanga classes may vary from time to time. Not all of the classes below may be on the schedule for the month. Be sure to check the monthly schedule to avoid disappointment.


This class is like having a private lesson within a group, also known as self-practice. Beginners will be guided in the back row at their level, up to a point in the practice then sent to the finishing sequence and Savasana to take rest. For beginners this will be a shorter class perhaps 60 minutes and for the more advanced perhaps 90 minutes to a couple of hours. Astanga is sequential and not everyone will do the entire sequence. Once  you have shown that you have mastered the posture you have been struggling with to the best of your ability, emotionally and anatomically you will be moved on to the next postures till you come across another bump in the road, so to speak, then you will work at that posture before moving on again.


We don’t leap frog over postures we don’t like and do the ones we enjoy. We work through the process of what Astanga brings up. You will grow stronger physically and emotionally with this amazing intelligent practice. ”Adjustments” are an important part of mysore self-practice. This is where experienced teachers use their hands to guide your body into the posture to correct alignment.

In Mysore style, students learn the fixed order of asanas combining movement with free breathing, with sound. Through vinyasa, there is continuity via the breath from one asana to the next, so that each asana builds from the previous one. Each student is given a yoga routine according to their ability.

MYSORE is a place in India where the main Shala/studio is for Astanga Yoga and around the world most yoga classes are guided with everyone doing the same thing, whereas Mysore classes we have develope our own individual practice, BUT please dont be concerned about that now as a New Student, as you will be guided through a few postures together for an hour. Your Mysore practice will develop over time.


Be warned, however, that some teachers out there claim to teach Astanga but they really do not adhere to the Pattabhi Jois system.




Astanga Primary Series Led Class is a class Led from beginning to end, all moving together in sequence under the teacher’s instruction. Please note as a beginner you can only come to this class when your teacher feels you are ready, please do not just rock up. Beginners will be stopped at a point then join in the class again at backbends and finishing. Guided classes are great for learning how to practice and also for the energy that comes from everyone breathing and moving together.


In this format the teacher is expected to provide some motivation, so if one’s enthusiasm for practice is lacking, a guided class can help.


Please don’t be confused this class is NOT an Astanga Class!!! We work through a sequence of postures strung together with your breathing, intense cardio and strength-building, core work and asanas to increase flexibility. Expect to sweat your stuff…toxins, emotions, excess, you will be guaranteed to be dripping with sweat we work through a sequence of postures strung together with your breathing. Intense cardio and strength building core work with asanas to increase flexibility.


If you are accustomed to speaking unnecessarily during your yoga practice, (which by the way is disrespectful to your fellow yogis and your teacher)… good luck, you will have to save your breath for this class. Initially, when you first start all you can think about is how much pain you are in and how much your muscles burn. But in time you may learn to simply observe the sensations and thoughts that pass through your body and mind. We learn how to be calm and peaceful in the midst of great challenge.


All yogis can benefit from these dynamic Vinyasa Flow Classes. These flow classes consist of sun salutes and various postures strung together with a dance of breath and movement. You will still sweat and detox as with Power Vinyasa Classes.

A short session of Pranayama (breath work) is sometimes practised at the end of this class.


Mobility class is a vinyasa flow martial arts movement. It is a combination of Martial arts movement, Yoga and Calisthenics. You will build strength, flexibility, agility and focus, in this beautiful mixed movement art. We also do a lot of core work and handstand practice.