We stock SHAKTI SHANTI, luxury yoga and athleisurewear, this gorgeous brand speaks for itself as below.

“Shakti Shanti together translates to “The Power of Peace” but also includes our vision which is to use it as a platform to produce clothing that empowers all women, from those manufacturing the garments to those wearing them, whilst maintaining a strong yet peaceful business ethic.”

Yoga Bras (Yoga crops), Tops, Shorts, Three quarter and Long Pants. Some over yoga wear, vests and t-shirts.

The beauty of these products is you can wear a lot of the items as casual wear so you get more than one use out of the piece (active wear and or leisure wear).

Durries & Yoga Mats

Cotton Durries from India in assorted colours, used on top of yoga mats for more traction on the seated postures of Astanga and to absorb sweat, so mats don’t become a slippery slide.


Namaste mats are eco friendly, made from natural rubber, perfectly cushioned for your support. Alignment lines are lasered on to assist in your practice, the PU non slip surface is perfect for all yoga practices.


These mats contain no toxins, no heavy metals, no chlorides or phthalates. They are predominantly constructed from natural rubber which has excellent eco-friendly properties being both recyclable and bio-degradable.

– info taken from the official Muki Site.