Was so good to get on my mat next to Dalia, we had a killer class with Michael in the morning another Power Vinyasa class. At one stage i turned to Dalia and whispered your husband is crazy, we were suffering through an array of balances and theĀ  sweet mercy of counter poses was such a release. Wow its so amazing to challenge the body like this. I am already planning my power flow sequences for when i return to the studio back home. Ifs a fabulous compliment to Astanga, will start running classes on a Thursday morning and maybe an extra class some weekends. Dont worry my yogi bears i am not messing with our Mysore schedule…these will be extra classes. I find the power vinyasa flow a beautiful dance and as Claudia put it….a dance with the Universe. Its a wounderful balance between the strong male element of Astanga and the Power Vinyasa flow being more feminine. (But still a challenge, make no mistake)

After class Dalia and i went to eat healthy Mexican food and did some shopping aaaaand later i went back to the Yogaloft and double dipped as he called it..he hee and did his evening class.