Crazy day for me, took 3 classes, 3 different teachers…

8 30 am with Ellen’s Vinyasa class, Ellen is an amazing teacher from Holland she is very statuesque and has a lovely sense of humour. Starting with,” you either going to love me and come back tomorrow or never want to se me again.”  Claudia practiced next to me…my twin.
She focused mainly on standing postures and held them for some time, encouraging us with her humour. Loved her analogy of yoga to coffee…”you dont need coffee if you do yoga, this yoga is a double esspresso shot.”  Could feel my legs burning. Class finished at 9:50am.

Claudia’s class started at 10am and finished after 11 30am. I had enough time for some water between classes. Claudia has the most amazing playlists and has shared them with me, so lucky. I love the flow of Claudia’s class it was a tough dance with the Universe today buf we flowed with her beautiful music. We did standing postuses including some challenging balances and moved onto some seated with twists and finishing with backbends. Love her touch of the eucaliptus oil as she adjusted in Savasana. Superb.

After class we cycled to Canibal Royal Beach Club, and hung out there relaxing for the afternoon.



7:15pm was Coco’s Astanga class, there were quite a few of my Gavy training group it was like a reunian on our mats. Coco is a fabulous teacher she gave great instructions and adjustments, a real feminine goddess energy about her, she glides across the room. And she teaches her last class at the Yogaloft tomorrow then she is moving to L.A. so if I dont go away with M and D to this paradise island for the weekend, I will do Coco’s last class and Minnars Arm Balance Workshop.

Slept well after my 3 classes.