“Let your experience be your facts” wise words from my fellow yogi and friend Sam, today.

Back on the amazing roller coaster of my life, I have been living the life of a student yogi for 6 weeks in Mexico, I will always be a student as long as I live, one has never arrived, there is so much to learn, life is never a bore.

Came back so inspired by my trip to Mexico and with so much gratitude for my pupils here at home, 6 weeks is a long time to leave the studio and the yogi bears kept the home fires burning with Astanga Mysore Classes, and the Contemporary Dancers Creating and rehearsing and big up for our Studio in the hills of Kloof, Durban, KZN, South Africa… since my return 41 of you have come to class this week. You guys are amazing, my heart is so full.

As promised in my monthly newsletter to the Astanga Studio Yogis and Dancers, I will be updating this Astanga Blog once a week at the very least. It is Sunday here in S.A. so we have a blog date.

Will be blogging on various shenanigans….. Been wanting to document the activities and momentous stuff that happens in The Astanga Studio, some hilarious things are said and some amazing things happen… Why? Cause you guys, the Heart and Soul of the Studio are the most amazing super beings I have met, from our graceful dancers, to our bendy yogi bears, you feed my soul eternally and I love you.

And for a touch of Mexican spice I started a Power Vinyasa Yoga class this week, inspired by classes I took while at the Yoga Loft. We turned up the heat, cranked up the volume and poured out the sweat. I had fun teaching it, I hope the Yogis enjoyed their time on the mat.

As for my personal practice, still a struggle since I have been back and I have blamed everything from Jetlag, to falling off my bicycle a couple of days prior to returning, to eating more cooked foods and today I said it must be that Full Moon is coming in a couple days?

My friend Tony who practiced in Mysore next to me today remarked in a joking manner…ha ha Jen you should leave your Baggage outside the Studio door. Now funny that…as I say it often in class, leave your prince and princess crowns outside along with your egos and your shoes and ha ha I even often say leave your brains outside, just bring your bodies to the mat.



It is good to do all of the above but it’s also good to bring the baggage you can work through on your mat, I did that today. When I began practice I was feeling very uncomfortable on my mat, checking the clock, zoning out, my brain kept moving my Dristi and I definitely didn’t have any Dharana today. But by the end of practice I had worked through some baggage and I know that tomorrow morning when my alarm goes off at 4 15am for my 4 45am practice, it will be the start to an amazing day.