Took Thursday off spent time settling back and hanging out with my girls, Ally and Britt. Good quality time.

Taught my first Astanga class on Friday morning, so good to feel the energy of my studio and my gorgeous pupils.
Making a few changes to our Mysore classes and made a few announcements, wow they have all been growing so much in practice since i have been away. Momma bear is proud of yogi bears.
Yogis did so well and worked so hard.

Saturdays class at 7am is a led class, enjoyed being in the studio with my yoga family again and they were very receptive to the subtle changes of the class, guys you move me so and fill my heart, your passion and enthusiasm.

Sunday i practiced with some of my fellow yogis and i struggled so much, my joints ached, my muscles felt stiff and perhaps its the long flight, as today was my first practice since my return from a long journey home. but felt their energy and it carried me through till practice ended. Thank you my yogi family.