You cannot ask any more from your body than what it can give you !

LET THE BODY BE THE GUIDE…if we force ourselves into asanas before the body is ready, the body will speak to us in a way that will not be pleasant. If you are feeling lazy then still take practice, JUST GET YOUR ASANA ON THE MAT but don’t push through pain in the body. Discomfort and a bit of cramp is ok but no forcing.
Just as Guruji would say “if you stop breathing, blood stops flowing and PAIN is coming”
If we don’t let our Bodies be our Guides…pain is coming !

I am such a proud Momma Bear as 2 of our gorgeous pupils at The Astanga Studio have been accepted to train with Sharat in Mysore at the end of the month. So happy for you Erin and Cami, I wish you all the joys of Mysore and cant wait to hear all about it.