The traditional way of The Astanga Practice…which is a sequence of asanas (postures) threaded together with the breath….breath and movement being Vinyasa. As we move through our practice we do a sequence of asanas that unlock our bodies and minds to our greatest potential. 

Think of the practice as a combination lock and the asanas which follow sequentially as all part of a system of locks and with each click unlocking the physical and emotional blocks in our body. So we cannot skip asanas as we will miss out on the beautiful opening of our hearts, body and mind.

We shouldnt race through or skim over asanas that are difficult or those we dont like. Actually the ones we are having difficulty with we should practice more of and surrender to the emotions and struggles these asanas may bring to the surface.

Our mats are a great place to let it go and let it flow. Sharat says “NO FEAR NO FUN”😅😅😅

I have been through anger, frustration, despair, joy, bliss…you name it and i am still a student with my personal struggles on my mat. Too fat…too thin…clothes irritating me…person next to me breathing too heavily…my hair annoying me…too tired… but each time knowing i will eventually sweat it out and i will feel great.

With those asanas that are challenging us, it is the traditional way to keep at them perhaps repeating them 4 times..? To go deeper to work through the bodies struggles untill you are free to move on.

Traditionally for example if you are struggling to bind in Marichyasana D you  should work on it a few times then go to back bends and finishing and each time you come to your mat you work in this way till the body is ready to surrender.

There are however exceptions (in my eyes) if a pupil is struggling and they have a physical injury and will never bind like the picture book and one can see they have given it their all, they will move on to asanas to follow and do that struggling one to the best if their ability but keep moving through the sequence till they show struggles at another asana. Then work in the same way on that one and move on when its time.

Working in this way we will get to the body and minds greatest potential.

So we wont be stuck in one asana for a lifetime…

Mamma Bear