Just finished my morning practice and have been working up to Marichyasna D and going on to backbends…(no drop backs)….then finishing. Where i actually needed to be stopping myself much earlier, this morning I worked up to Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimattanasana. (Which is only the fourth seated asana) after repeating it 4 or 5 times i was able to bind again on the right. (The left knee…never a struggle) then backbends and finishing.

For some time now i have been fighting with my right leg, from my hip, to my knee to my ankle. And this occurs when i dont have a dedicated Astanga Practice. Its the classic excuse I have as a teacher…I teach and don’t practice…No Excuse!!!

Over the years I have accumulated various injuries in my body as I have journied through my life. From school sports, dance, gymnastics, martial arts. I have had a few head injuries with severe concussions, a few shoulder and knee dislocations broken a few bones..ribs, fingers,  toes and torn a few ligaments(just like a lot of us have and this to is no excuse…we must work with what we have)

The knee had surgery some time back….when in the old days you would have a much bigger cut to repair a knee and have to have your leg in plaster of paris from your ankle to your hip.
All of the above No Excuse for No practice. And having fallen back with not having regular practice I must go back to the drawing board…so to speak…and i cannot complete the entire Primary Series at the moment.

Leaving The Ego Outside the studio and working where you need to work has a lot to teach. My practice is my teacher and being on my mat with my heavy right leg has taught me much today…..OUT DAMN EGO OUT.

Namaste Yogis